Wednesday, December 2, 2009

High School Visual Art Rubric--Sailing the Seven Cs

It has taken me 5 years and many partially-failed attempts to arrive at a rubric for studio art production that I can live with: one that assesses what is important for students to know, understand and do according to the art production strand of our district's curriculum (which also includes art history, art criticism and aesthetics strands).

This rubric comes closer than anything I've seen or created to date and, in fact, I am quite satisfied with it. Thanks to teaching artist Nicole Brisco for the "Cs" concept, and to Chris Buhner, former art teacher and current administrative intern, Princess Anne High School, for suggesting that I needed a criterion that better addressed the bridge between the concept and the formal design of an artwork. Hence the addition of the criterion, "Communication of Concept."

For the rubric, click here: Visual Art Rubric--Sailing the Seven Cs. Feel free to copy and save and/or print.

By sharing, I hope to save you the five years(!) it has taken me to get it right. I hope you find it helpful, though you will undoubtedly want to adapt it, as rubrics are all about a good "fit" between the instrument and your curriculum, your approach to instruction, and your teaching style.

Happy Assessing!


  1. Nothing has excited me more than this blog. I have so many good ideas now. I cannot, however, access your seven c's rubric. (?)

  2. Hello Betsy, I am enjoying all of your projects and wisdom as I prepare for my 22nd year of teaching high school art. I would love to see your sailing the 7 C's document but the site sends me to Go Daddy when I click on the link. I hope this note finds you as I'd love a copy of your 7 C's
    Regards, Stacey especially like the bones project! Thanks

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